Attachment Disorder

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Attachment Disorder

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

- Albert Einstein

Helping child with Attachment Disorder, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) can be extremely challenging at both home and school. When designing the SMILE room project we have talked to as many people as possible, from professionals who are working every day with children who have these conditions and are constantly developing and adapting methods of helping these children, all the way to the parents/carers of these children. We have been very lucky to have had input from so many wonderful people, thank you all.

We have been looking for ways to HELP these children, all too often these children are seen as naughty, disruptive and can be hidden away in separate rooms or passed from school to school. As we have found they need to be helped, not passed around like a bag of sweets.

“They are in a constant battle for control of their environment and seek that control however they can, even in totally meaningless situations. If they are in control, they feel safe.” – Nancy Thomas

Allowing a child to feel they have control of a SMILE room can sound like an easy thing to do, but as we have been told (by everyone); it’s not a good idea to give them anything they can throw. Using the new windows Kinetics they can be in control the whole room (well they should be able to at some point, but it will be the main screen to begin with). Using the Kinetics they can use their bodies and hand movements to control the computer and interact with the main screen, this way adults can work with them on projects to help them, while they still retain control in a save way.

For each child we can tailor the whole room to what they need, the lighting, music, smells and visuals. They can choose all of these and help to develop an environment they might open up in and might start to form trust with others in. As we have been told they need a separate environment from the classroom, an environment free from desks and the noise, an environment they distinguish as not a class room, often an area with bean bags like a library. As we have been told the SMILE room is the perfect environment for this, with the added advantage of a Wii it can also be used for pier work with pupils in older years, who can act as mentors to these children while engaging in fun two player games.

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