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Example of iClone and windows kinetic

Example of Crazy Talk 7

Example of iClone green screen

Example of iClone

Example of iClone virtual new room

Example of Kinetic for xbox 360


Interaction can mean many different things, after all we interact with everything we touch and everybody we talk to.

Getting children to interact in lessons is very important and yet can be difficult at times in all subjects; after all we cannot expect everyone to find everything interesting. We constantly need to find new exciting ways to engage children, even in subjects they may not show interest in; this is where the SMILE room will help.

The SMILE room is fully adaptable so we can create any scene/scenario for any project or subject we want. We want children to interact as much as possible with the room as well as others, this could mean having the room as a safe relaxing place for each child where we can interact with them, or having them directly interact with the room.

Some children, especially those on the autistic spectrum, find it very difficult to express themselves and prefer to talk through objects like stuffed toys; this is where packages like "Crazy Talk" can help. You can talk or type and it will animate a choice of characters to say whatever you want. This is a great way to encourage children to express their feelings and at the same time is a really fun resource that can be used by everyone. Children can use it in projects and staff as animated introductions to projects. Please try the "Crazy Talk" video below.

Most people have seen the Wii and how we interact physically with it. This can be a great resource for teaching team work as well as sharing, with games like Mario, children have to work together as a team. With other games like Pikmin younger children can learn basic counting, working together, problem solving and importantly having fun in an imaginative fun world. With the use of games such as Endless Ocean and Safari the class can interact with the games while being inspired to learn about animals as well as the environments they live in.

iClone 3D animation tool.

Another program we have been looking at is called iClone. iClone is a 3D animation program which has been designed to be easy enough for children to use but still incorporating tools which allow higher end videos to be produced. This package can output real 3D (use with 3D glasses) which can be shown back in the SMILE room as well as 3D shown back on a traditional screen (no glasses needed) which the students can produce themselves. The package is already being used in schools to produce content to help in the classroom, everything from a 3D solar system to explaining about endangered animals and even produce a walk through of environments and famous places. This a very cost effective way to produce our own content for the SMILE room as well as in the classroom while giving a wonderful resource to allow children to make their own movies.

Think this sounds amazing and couldn’t possibly get better. It does get a whole lot better. With the use of Kinetic for Windows (the same as the Kinetic device for the xbox 360, see the video below for further information) you can control your animated characters in real time by simply moving your body. Yes, that’s right whatever you do your character on screen does too. We told you it gets a whole lot better! A very easy and effective way to produce animated characters.

And yes there is even more. Using a green screen we can place children into any virtual environment. We could create a virtual news studio where children can give news reports and have them streamed around the school via wi-fi or put onto the school website, to placing students into any animated world we can dream up..... (gives a whole new meaning to roleplay areas, now we can create any roleplay area we want for free.)

Using Google Sketchup (a free and easy to use 3D drawing program), children can design houses and models and then import them into iClone and use them for there animations or just animate there designs to show them off.

If you would like more information on these two packages please download their following PDF brochures.

If you would like to know more information about iClone or Crazy Talk in education please see the following site: http://education.reallusion.com

Microsoft are really putting a lot of time into developing the Kinetic for Windows at the moment, you can already control windows using your body as well as other programs and games and the possibilities are endless.


iClone 5 Demo Reel


Crazy Talk 7


Mocap plugin for iClone with Kinetic for Windows

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