Learning difficulties picture

Learning difficulties picture

Learning difficulties picture

Learning Difficulties

“Disability is a matter of perception.  If you can do just one thing well, you are needed by someone.”

- Martina Navratilova


We needed to keep all the benefits of a Sensory room while adding resources to make the SMILE room beneficial to every child, NO small order! We went back to basics to accomplish this, we looked at what is really needed to support our whole range of children.

What benefits one child may not benefit another, the tricky part has been, and still is to find balance. The way we have tried to accomplish this is with flexibility, the entire room is able to do so much using the same equipment, a computer with a projector and surround sound can be used for anything our imaginations can conceive. We have looked at ways to create our own content so it can be relevant to each individual child, after all every child is an individual with his or her own needs and this especially applies to a child who has Special Educational Needs.

Design 1 has a cosy area with bubble tube, mirror (which can be covered as some children do not like this), tactile board, UV artwork, opticfiber Cloud and bean bags thought out for children with additional needs and in Design 2 the entire room is designed for this, except that instead of a bubble tube (these things are very pricey) we're going to use the projection screen with surround sound and you guessed it bubbles are being displayed. The same idea but using existing equipment.

To help a range of needs we have added some extra things like a lit tactile board that looks like a piece of art work as well as tactile discs (pictured on the right) and having UV lighting opens up so many possibilities. We hope that as staff begin to use the SMILE room new fun, creative and imaginative uses will be developed.

A lot of techniques being used for children on the Autistic Spectrum and children with dyslexia can also work with children with learning difficulties, as well as techniques develop in existing Special Needs Schools, you can get some wonderful books on these with great ideas in inspirations.

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