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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

One of the main ideas behind the SMILE room is to allow children to learn on their own, we don’t want to spoon feed children knowledge we want them to learn it themselves. One of the most important skills a child can learn in school is to think for themselves, we could attempt to try to teach them everything they need to know, but if we allow them to learn/discover for themselves, they will continue to have the skills and abilities to do so throughout life.

When designing the SMILE room it has always been of upmost importance that every child will benefit from it, unlike Sensory Rooms which are only there to benefit a few children the SMILE room will help every child learn and when used for children with SEN it will surpass all current Sensory Rooms in mainstream schools.

We want all children to be taught together where possible, this is a challenging task as every child is an individual and their intrests and abilities vary from subject to subject, but we are hoping that with the SMILE room we can bring this goal closer.

If a lesson is exciting and engaging, students will naturally be able to make the most of the learning opportunities, using a multi-sensory approach we will help them to engage and, more importantly, retain what they are learning.

One of the new and very exciting ways we hope to achieve this is with the inclusion of 3D. Imagine exploring an Egyptian pyramid and interacting with artefacts - sounds exciting! Now let's take that further, you take your shoes and socks off, then enter the SMILE room and the air-conditioning has taken the temperature up just like in Egypt, you walk onto dry sand as you approach the pyramid on screen. Everything on screen is in 3D and you feel you can reach out and touch everything you see, you then sit on the sand and the teacher takes you all into the pyramid. As you enter the pyramid the temperature begins to fall and the aroma generator gives out an old musty smell to draw you even further into the experience. While exploring the pyramid artefacts are handed out as seen on the screen so you can feel the textures and temperatures of them. There is a scream to your left (as heard through the SMILE room's surround sound) and everyone is tense and scared (heightened emotions also help create better memories) on screen you are travelling down a long dark corridor and as you turn the corner….. Well we cannot give everything away! You can see how this experience is an amazing way to teach children about Egypt and also imagine this as a start to a writing project or art project, what do you think was around the corner?

Communicating with others.

A large part of learning is communicating with others; this is easy within school but what about other schools or countries? Part of the SMILE room is to make it very easy to do this, with use of a high definition webcam and microphone we will be able to communicate with other schools throughout the UK and even around the world. Not just other schools, but companies, events and professionals, you could have a specialist teacher teach a class from anywhere in the world with just a laptop fitted with a webcam. Multiple schools could be linked up at the same time so guest lecturers could speak to them all at the same time from any location.

Another way of communicating is via radio, the SMILE room will have everything needed to allow the children to run their own radio station; from broadcasting around the school to being able to broadcast web radio via the schools website. This can also be a great resource for children who find it difficult to express themselves to others in person but can open up on the airwaves (or in the 21st century through optic fibres).


The Mead Sensory Room front view

As we have already mentioned on other pages, the main use of the SMILE room will be for environments and scenarios, but while we have given examples of these it is important to understand how many things it can be used for. It is a perfect introduction to most topics throughout primary school, from the rainforest, WW2, the artic to experiencing each and every country. For example China, using 3d Blu-rays to experience the country, combined with the surround sound and smells from different regions, food for taste and items to hold or be viewed in 3D. These projects can then be greater enhanced with the use of games and animation, the children can use the room to create games and short movies based on the topics (please see the games page for further information).

As the SMILE room has been designed to be very flexible and expandable the possibilities are endless, only limited by our imagination (or should we say by the children’s limitless imagination).

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